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Chill Factor Book Review

Sandra Brown’s winter killer novel is a brutally cold story in a small North Carolina town featuring a lot of ice, snow, and below freezing action. Is the killer who you think? Cuddle up with many warm blankets and find out in Chill Factor.

What category would you file Chill Factor under?
I would file this under Serial Killer Crime Drama. The book has some romance, but sticks mostly to the crime/drama.

What is the style of writing?
The style of writing is casual and easy to read. Nothing ground-breaking in the way of storytelling. Not exactly Edge-of-Your-Seat crime drama. You may have a hard time finding a character to root for in Chill Factor. In fact, many of the characters fall into that Brute Force Meat and Potatoes kind of male characters. The female characters do not have a lot of punch.

Where does Chill Factor take place?
Takes place in the start of Winter, with lots of snow and ice in a small town located in Cleary, North Carolina

What are the names of the primary characters?
Lilly, Dutch, Ben, and Wes.

What would be good background music to listen to while reading this book?
Something that sounds like a winter storm with lots of wind, and perhaps a fireplace. YouTube has lots of long videos with these sounds.

What would be a favorite quote from Chill Factor?
Well, this isn’t a ‘favorite’ quote, but this quote DOES let you know the tone of the book: “That’s not the law of the mountains, not the kind of law our daddies and grandaddies believed in.” – spoken by an adult male character 2/3rds of the way through the book.

To whom would I recommend this book?
I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a easy to read crime drama that takes place in the winter. May not be the best place to start with Sandra Brown novels.

Estimated time to read this book?
Estimated time: 2-4 days.

Final comments:
As my first book to read by Sandra Brown I am hopeful that the next Sandra Brown novel has more likeable characters and plot. I give this a low rating because the characters did not have likeable personalities. If that was the intention, this was pulled off perfectly.

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