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The Unhoneymooners Rom-Com Adventure in Hawaii

Christina Lauren’s warm, adventurous novel, The Unhoneymooners, follows the primary characters Olive and Ethan in the wake of an unplanned planned “honeymoon” in Hawaii. A tropical romantic comedy with a good share of relationship drama and memorable Mai Tai’s.

What category would you file The Unhoneymooners under?

I would put this under Romantic Comedy, or Romantic Comedy Adventure.

What is the style of writing?

The writing style is casual and easy to read quickly.

Where does The Unhoneymooners take place?

This, as the cover indicates, takes place mostly in Hawaii.

What are the names of the primary characters?

The main character names: Olive and Ethan.

What would be good background music to listen to while reading this book?

Background music of choice would be a tropical beach setting with lots of ocean waves and happy, tropical music.

What would be a favorite quote from The Unhoneymooners?

The temperature – so balmy, so not Minnesota – shocks me into surreal awareness: I’m in Maui, in a dream suite, on an all-inclusive trip. I’ve never been to Hawaii. I’ve never done anything dream-like, period.”

The book has quite a few good quotes, but they could give away the plot to the book if I included the quotes here.

To whom would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to have a virtual vacation to somewhere tropical.

Estimated time to read this book?

I would estimate the time to read this book at about 2-5 days. I would recommend making it last at least as long as a 1 week vacation. The book reads like a comfy tropical vacation with comedy thrown in when you need it.

Final comments:

A great choice for a summer beach read. The characters are very likeable and the humor is fitting for the character personalities and setting. This may make you long for a care-free tropical vacation.

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